Monday, June 16, 2008

New job?

Looks like I might be heading for a new job--a promotion. I got a superior performance eval this year...first time ever. Fingers and toes crossed!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Civil Unions in Oregon....FINALLY!

Here it is: the big news:

It was supposed to go into effect the first of January but some right-winged group from out of state tried to find a loophole to send the measure to ballot but the federal judge threw it out on Friday.

People were lined up around the courthouse at 4 am this morning! I just found out about it from the Oregonian headlines. I was not watching the news this weekend. We went to a special premier for Wrong Bathroom - by queer filmmaker Shani Heckman. It was a successful fundraiser for her next film about successful queer adults who grew up in the foster care system. My partner was interviewed. I got to be a supporting member of the team. Look for my name in the credits when it comes out in a few years! It was a blast.

Now we are getting ready for our move next weekend. God, maybe we'll even be civil unionized before we officially cohabitate.

Have a groovy day and try to stay warm!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Educate the Masses!

I get bored and read the news on the internet. Then, bravely, I scroll down and read the comments from the morons. Oh man. I don't mean to get political here, but it's usually the republicans who are complete idiots and don't know what they are talking about. Today it was about the weather in LA. So now that it's cold and flooding, that means we are not having "global warming." I guess their logic is that it's getting colder, not "warmer." Jeeze. Take a basic geography class and you will learn that global warming causes major areas of ice to melt that causes sea levels to rise, and creates more condensation in the air which causes colder weather, storms, flooding, hurricanes, etc. In essence it speeds up the normal geological process of the ice ages that Earth experiences every 10,000 years. Yes, we are in the midst of major global warming, and yes, we are experiencing some dramatic changes in weather patterns. Earth is going to purge itself of these parasitic idiots one way or another.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

NW Weather Update

It's cold. Really cold. 24 degrees at 10:40 am, with a brisk breeze probably bringing it down to 15. Brrrr. No clouds, no snow, no rain. Although we might get rain/snow showers on Saturday, when I have to move boxes. I am moving again. Five moves in five years. Each time I move I get rid of stuff and don't accumulate stuff, so my personal belongings including kitchen and bath will be about 10 boxes. Most of that is books. I keep my clothes on hangers and put a big hefty bag over them so they are easy to move. Furniture? One oversized chair and ottoman and a bed. A few particle board cubicles, a computer desk and chair, and all of the computer stuff. Anyway...Jackie and I are moving in together. She lives in a studio, upstairs. We are getting all of her stuff moved over to my place incrementally. So on moving day, the movers, who get paid by the hour, will only have to move the heavy stuff from her place. We'll move everything from my place (no stairs) which is a couple of blocks from the new place. It should be a fairly easy move. I'm over this moving thing. Next time it better be to put roots down. I think by the time I am 50 -- two-ish years and counting -- I should put roots down, don't you?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 - Year of the Rat! Wooohooo!

Yes folks I am a rat. I am a metal rat to be exact. Not to be confused with the heavy metal band Ratt that came out in the 80's when I had a pure hatred for most of the so called metal bands (you know big hair and spandex) that came out (double entendre?), Ratt included.

So maybe this will be a good year for me. So far it is starting out good. I am still employed with a job I love. I have a gorgeous woman in my life. We are moving in to a new townhouse in a month. Well it's not brand new, but it's new to us. Still renting, but that will change eventually. JT had an interview with a high end design studio yesterday and it went very well. Fingers and toes crossed!

We had a tornado not far from Vancouver, Washington. That's just on the other side of the Columbia River. I hear it took out a house. Lucky for me it is moving East. I live West of Portland. is almost time to go.

Have a wonderful 2008!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It's crisp and blue outside today. The red/orange colors are on their way. I like it. I made a new discovery the other day. The mall downtown is connected underground. When you're above ground you see all of these buildings on separate blocks that are part of the mall. Little did I realize that underground they are all part of one big mall. So you can enter the mall above ground from one building, walk around, and end up coming out above ground a few blocks over out of another building! I've been in Portland for nearly three years and I'm just figuring this out. The food court there that has some yummy choices like cajun, mexican, asian, and good ol' Subway and McDonalds if you want some junk. Today I had a taco salad with chicken. It was served in one of those fried flour tortillas. The fried tortilla was not so good, but the salad was fine.

Ok...back to work.

Have a great day.

Friday, August 24, 2007


It's friday the 24th of August, 2007. The one and only 08/24/07 in existence, at least in this universe. In a parallel (spell that!) universe are the dates the same? or even relevant?

Has anyone noticed that time is speeding up? It really can do an internet search and find the scientific data on it. I believe that it is speeding up exponentially. The seasons are confused and the greenhouse effect probably doesn't help much. We had a short, almost non-existent Spring this year. Summer has been odd, hot, cold, humid, tropical--in Oregon! Now the trees are turning Fall colors already. We are a month away from Fall. So I am expecting a short Fall. Winter will be long and harsh and unpredictably strange as well. So it's time to start shopping for warm clothes and other essentials in case we get snowed or iced in.

Have a lovely weekend!